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Why brand loyalty is a nonprofit problem too

If seeing the words “brand loyalty” and “nonprofit” in the same sentence seems
unusual—or even uncomfortable—keep reading. This may be for you.

Here’s some of what we know about the people who champion nonprofit organizations.

  • They want to be involved in a cause bigger than themselves
  • They like to feel connected to an organization that’s making a real difference
  • They’re typically as emotionally invested as they are financially, if not more

Now, your nonprofit may not consider itself a “brand” in the same way we think about a clothing designer or a retail store. That’s okay. You impact your community and the world differently. We need that.

But don’t mistake your organizational buy-in for anything less than loyalty, and like all buy-in, it’s constantly up for grabs.

As we start a new year, this is the perfect time to name the obstacles your organization is facing and create a plan for overcoming them. Maybe they include:

  • Fundraising challenges, like attracting and retaining donors
  • Low visibility in a crowded nonprofit market
  • Trust and credibility among stakeholders
  • Messaging that doesn’t engage or compel your ideal demographic

These issues, along with so many others, are branding problems—and they’re as prevalent in nonprofits as they are in other businesses.

There’s good news, though. We can help.

This free guide is the best place to start. In it, you’ll gain concrete steps for setting your organization up to thrive and learn the inside-out approach that aligns values with actions to inspire mission-driven success. If that gets you excited, good. This was for you.

2024 is the year to become the nonprofit other organizations follow. Here’s where that begins.

Contact us to learn more about how inclusive brand culture can set your organization on the right road to success. Neka Creative is a full-service brand development agency in Minneapolis, anchored on the promise of inclusion.

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