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Junita's Jar custom-branded packaging for cookies



Neka Creative believes the world needs a cookie company with a taste for hope

Every year, Neka Creative chooses a client for their “Why the world needs your brand” pro bono program. This year, the recipient was Junita Flowers, a social entrepreneur with a desire to end relationship violence. Flowers, herself, is a survivor. She found strength baking the cookie recipes of her childhood and turned that strength into a thriving social enterprise company. Neka Creative was inspired by her story and excited to take on the task of recreating the brand to better reflect its aspiration.

Neka Creative conducted brand development research, which included competitive audits, store visits and several planning sessions. Following this phase, they wrote the brand strategy along with the vision, mission and values. This led to the creation of a new name (Junita’s Jar) and new packaging. Neka Creative also developed the key messaging, brand campaign, website design/content, engagement strategy, input on product strategy and other marketing elements. The result is a transformed brand direction for a delicious product line that doubles as a hope movement. ““We not only (really) love their cookies, we can’t wait to see Junita’s Jar become recognized locally, nationally and globally as an inspiring ambassador of hope,” said Neka Creative president, Rosemary Ugboajah.

Junita’s Jar will soon be found in several grocery stores and co-ops around the Twin Cities. With aggressive plans to expand, cookie lovers will have even more hope-filled opportunities. “Working with Neka Creative has been a phenomenal experience. The team brought my business vision to life and expertly executed every detail of the branding process with a standard of excellence that is unparalleled. I am very proud of the work and am confident I have a brand that will resonate with current and new customers. I can now successfully compete in the local and national marketplace,” said Junita Flowers.

Neka Creative plans to start looking for their 2019 “Why the world needs your brand” pro bono client. The chosen pro bono business stands to benefit from an inclusive brand program worth up to $100,000. For more details, contact Rosemary Ugboajah at

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