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How to make sure your brand isn’t behind the times

Question: How can you tell that your brand no longer resonates?

The symptoms of a company in distress can be hard to spot. You may not know your brand is in trouble until it’s too late, but there are symptoms. We’re going to identify a few of the most common and share a few thoughts about how best to respond.

Sales slump

Sales are frequently a good indicator. Brands that are struggling to connect with their clients or customers have an equally hard time converting new clients or customers. With that in mind, it’s worth asking a few critical questions.

Who are you selling to, and how are you selling to them? These are both questions of inclusion. Companies that are experiencing a sales decline have become so narrowly focused that they’ve excluded segments of their audience — often without realizing it. 

Even if sales aren’t in decline, imagine if they improved through a more inclusive approach. Stanley was doing pretty well selling their products to an almost exclusively male audience, but look at them now. They discovered a demographic they’d either forgotten about or didn’t understand they could reach. 

Internal tension

The temperature inside your business is another helpful indicator. Businesses that are likely to freefall often have unacknowledged or unresolved tensions internally. Again, asking questions can begin to uncover underlying issues.

How do your employees describe company culture, and what corporate values do they resonate with? If your brand doesn’t resonate like it used to, becoming curious about internal company perception is step one on your fact-finding mission.

Be ready to be surprised with what you may learn. How management views an operation is not always how staff and team members perceive it. Frequently, miscommunication and a lack of transparency have fostered environments of distrust and suspicion.  

External buzz  

The buzz around your company or outside the office is another good way to measure brand resonance. What sort of feedback are you getting from your customers? What needs are your potential customers expressing?

Unless you know the problems your audience is facing, and understand how to solve them, your brand will not convert in the ways you’d like it to. 

When your finger is on the pulse, your messaging will reflect that. It will be fresh and relevant, and your customer base will feel seen and heard.

If your sales are lagging behind or the pulse in or outside your company is uncertain, let’s talk about it. At Neka Creative, we help companies build stronger brands that resonate across the board. Book your free consultation, and find out what we can do for you.

Neka Creative is a full-service brand development agency in Minneapolis, anchored on the promise of inclusion.

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