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Disability awareness and the road to brand culture success

National Disability Employment Awareness month is not only an opportunity to recognize the contributions of individuals with disabilities, it’s the chance to increase your brand culture success. With one in four people in the US living with a disability, the impact to culture and brand is significant. Consider the fact that disabilities are both visible and invisible, and can be quite difficult to spot. An employee may have anxiety or a severe smell sensitivity. Or, there may be other considerations like neurodiversity, mobility issues and more. Regardless, it’s important to embrace diversity in all forms. That way you can create a workplace environment where everyone feels respected, valued and safe to contribute to their fullest capacity.

It goes beyond legal compliance and physical accommodations. Organizations that prioritize inclusion see beneath the surface to cultivate cultures of acceptance and belonging. This fosters a more diverse and equitable workplace while also enhancing your company’s reputation…aka brand. Inclusive brands, especially those that embrace and provide safe spaces for individuals with disabilities, share the following characteristics:

  • Equal access to job opportunities, career advancement and professional growth
  • Greater physical and digital accessibility, eliminating barriers to employee performance
  • An open and respectful environment where people feel safe discussing their disabilities
  • Greater diversity in the organization, fostering wider and more accepting perspectives
  • A more engaged and productive workforce
  • A better reputation, higher engagement, increased innovation and a larger market share

As we mark National Disability Employment Awareness Month this October, make sure you’re not on the back road to success. Take strides to create a culture of acceptance, belonging and inclusive brand growth.

Contact us to learn more about how inclusive brand culture can set your organization on the right road to success. Neka Creative is a full-service brand development agency in Minneapolis, anchored on the promise of inclusion.

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