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Agate Housing and Services

Agate brand imagery showing an out-of-focus person sitting and shaking hands with another hand of a person off screen

Walking alongside people works wonders The merger of House of Charity and St. Stephen’s Human Services gave them an opportunity to make an even bigger difference for unhoused people. It gave us the opportunity to create one blended brand, encompassing the bold essence of both organizations. Brand Strategy > Brand Development > Brand Implementation > […]

Minnesota Department of Commerce

MN department of commerce banner ad showing an "urgent" utility bill against a blue-green background

The win for us is reaching the right people The Minnesota Department of Commerce planned to provide financial assistance to qualified households behind on their utility payments due to COVID-19. They just needed a way to get the right message to the right people. Brand Strategy > Brand Implementation > Brand Strategy > media plan […]

Rainbow Health

Sometimes, the process is the product A brand in free fall is not a pretty sight. JustUs Health needed a new name and positioning to fulfill the organization’s commitment to equitable healthcare access focused on the intersection of gender, orientation, race and ethnicity. We needed to bring our inclusivity muscle to gain widespread engagement and […]

Minnesota State

Inclusivity takes a willingness to learn By 2040, 43% of Minnesotans will be Black, Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC). Unfortunately, higher education hadn’t caught up with the shift. Minnesota State was determined to change that. Ripple OutReachStrategy > Ripple OutReachCreative development > Ripple OutReachStrategy > secondary research primary research focus group testing audits Ripple […]

Minnesota Housing

Underreaching people is a brand shame In late 2020, Congress passed a COVID relief package for rent help. To get the word out, Minnesota Housing needed a smart plan. They needed a timely and effective way to reach as many people as possible, particularly those facing greater barriers to access. Ripple OutReach strategy > Ripple […]

Alexis Bailly Vineyard

Alexis Bailly Wine Club Frontenac Gris wine and wineglass sitting on wood table, with twinkling lights in background

Two’s company, three’s a party Alexis Bailly, a beloved Minnesota winery since 1978, embarked on the introduction of its third dessert wine. They knew the time was ripe for this tasty new addition, as long as it didn’t replace the original two dessert wines proudly displayed on liquor store shelves. Brand Strategy > Brand Development […]

Hennepin County

Hennepin County ad showing volunteers painting a wall mural with tagline "You're Welcome Here"

Many communities, One brand The Blue Line rail extension in the northwest metro provided an opportunity for Hennepin County to shed light on the economic development potential in North Minneapolis, Golden Valley, Crystal, Robbinsdale and Brooklyn Park. The potential for that region hinges on the development of one welcoming brand. Brand Strategy > Brand Development […]

Minneapolis Downtown Council

Chameleon Shoppes teaser poster showing chameleon painted with vibrant patterns

Minneapolis Downtown Council Real change was the essence of this downtown brand Vacant retail spaces aren’t good business for downtown Minneapolis, neither is inequity. An inclusive solution was needed to create a vibrant retail experience appealing to diverse residents, visitors and businesses. > Brand Strategy > Brand Development > Brand Implementation > Marketing > Brand […]


Black and white Trax visual banner showing young african american man listening to headphones and wearing white sunglasses

Creating great brands takes a good deal of listening PRX, the leader in audio journalism and storytelling, wanted to fill the podcast listening gap with kids, 8-12. Their new network needed an engaging way for them to discover what’s next in life…and in the world. It also needed the parental seal of approval. Brand Strategy […]

ReConnect Rondo

It was (past) time to right (past) wrongs Rondo was once a thriving community where kids played, families grew and businesses prospered. It was the place to be for African Americans. But construction of I-94 in the ’60s literally tore this vibrant neighborhood apart. The solution? A land bridge to reconnect the community. > Brand […]

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