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Nilan Johnson Lewis

Nilan Johnson Lewis "Above & Beyond" graphic showing red NJL logo superimposed over silhouette of person jumping with a sunrise in the background

A standout brand refresh A bold brand refresh was needed to reflect Nilan Johnson Lewis’ reputation as a nationally-respected law firm. Brand Strategy > Brand Implementation > Brand Strategy > brand direction Brand Implementation > brand concepts website design image system A standout brand refresh A bold brand refresh was needed to reflect Nilan Johnson […]

Junita’s Jar

Junita's Jar branded cookie packaging

Brand clarity was a key ingredient for this cookie company The owner of a local cookie company, previously known as Favorable Treats, realized the need for stronger retail visibility, brand loyalty and business growth. There was also a great opportunity to provide better alignment with the owner’s mission of ending relationship violence. Brand Strategy > […]

Swanson Flo

Swanson Flo engineer wearing hardhat working on a machine with a screwdriver

They asked for a new sales brochure. We gave them a winning brand strategy. Swanson Flo enjoyed success as a process flow systems and support provider for more than 50 years, but soon after, sales started to decline. Not only was the sales force hitting dead ends at critical junctures, they weren’t ready for the […]


Something for everyone…on and off the court The NCAA’s 2019 Men’s Final Four® championship games were a boon for Minneapolis. It was a great opportunity to generate excitement beyond the game, not to mention sparking statewide enthusiasm by showcasing all that Minnesota has to offer. A successful outcome could earn another hosting opportunity and realize […]


AmazeWorks inclusive branding poster web design element of a young African American girl laughing at camera holding school notebooks

Belonging is smart business AmazeWorks has been well respected for bringing their anti-bias programming to the K-12 education system for years. Seeing a heightened commitment from many organizations to improve DEI initiatives and perceptions at their firms, they realized a significant opportunity. With the right brand positioning, they could enter this new market without alienating […]


Where there’s help, there’s hope To ensure no one was left out when it came to sharing Minnesota Housing’s HomeHelpMN program, Ripple OutReach was called to action. Ripple OutReach strategy > Ripple OutReachcreative development > Ripple OutReachcampaign > Ripple OutReach strategy > Marketing plan Outreach plan Media plan/buy Tracking/reporting Ripple OutReachcreative development > concepts ad […]

City of Saint Paul

Close up of two men holding a child

Vast appeal for a vital law The Human Rights and Equal Economic Opportunity Department of the City of Saint Paul wanted as many people as possible to know about their new ordinance requiring paid time off for individual or family illness, medical appointments, domestic violence, sexual assault and more. Employees needed to know their rights. […]



Healthy brand strategies are good for all of us TruHealth Foods, a manufacturer of functional foods that helps curb and treat diseases such as cardiovascular and diabetic ailments, was ready to introduce a new product line in the United States. Brand strategy Brand implementation Brand strategy brand architecture Brand implementation naming identity image system package […]


CareerForce abstract icon showing minnesota as a power outlet

Inclusion is the secret sauce to brand unification The Minnesota workforce system had a big hurdle to overcome. Despite delivering innovative results for job seekers and employers, they continued to be “the best kept secret” in the state. With operational inconsistencies, isolating silos and inaccurate perceptions, it would take a lot more than a mere […]

Agate Housing and Services

Agate brand imagery showing an out-of-focus person sitting and shaking hands with another hand of a person off screen

Walking alongside people works wonders The merger of House of Charity and St. Stephen’s Human Services gave them an opportunity to make an even bigger difference for unhoused people. It gave us the opportunity to create one blended brand, encompassing the bold essence of both organizations. Brand Strategy > Brand Development > Brand Implementation > […]

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