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Brand Culture

Brand culture audit

Brand culture success hinges on all stakeholders having shared attitudes, values and goals. It also revolves around customers having consistent experiences with brand values. To get off to the right start, we’ll conduct an audit to explore where your organization is today and what’s needed to create a roadmap for future brand culture success.

Brand culture workshops

Our brand culture workshops are as engaging as our brand development workshops. Depending on your specific needs, we’ll create interactive exercises for individuals, teams and group discussions. By creating a safe, curious and fun environment, we uncover what really matters to people and what’s really needed to more your culture forward.

Three DEED employees smiling and talking during a Neka Creative brand workshop prior to launch of brand

Brand value activation

It’s great if your employees understand your organization’s brand values. But, do they believe them? Are they consistently living up to them on a daily basis? Through our culture-building tools and workshops, we translate values into real-world, easy-to-follow marching orders.

Culture action planning

We infuse our Seven Tenets of Inclusion all the way through the brand culture development process. With this uniquely engaging approach, we’ll create a culture action plan that informs strategy, turns values into marching orders and aligns brand inspiration with employee loyalty.

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