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AI — Intelligence vs. Inclusion

We’re all talking about AI right now. Some have dived in with exuberance. Some are still waiting to see what’s next. The truth is that AI has become a powerful marketing tool. We need to get on board one way or another, but even more important than that, we need to understand the limitations of AI as it relates to inclusive brand development.

Consider this…

  • Not all people are equally tech-savvy. This can create a big marketing gap, leaving many audiences behind. While AI can enable highly personalized experiences, there’s a fine line between creating tailored content for many and excluding those who aren’t technologically adept.
  • Sure, AI can generate intelligent theories, but nothing replaces the human touch in an inclusive brand development process. That takes rigor…asking the right questions with the right intent. Listening with wide open ears, eyes and minds. Going beyond the surface for deeper insights.
  • AI lacks the empathy needed to authentically reflect audience interests, behaviors and motivations. What is that golden thread that connects your brand to all your audiences? Where are the “aha” moments that motivate brand breakthroughs? Who’s potentially missing from your strategic efforts, particularly those who are overlooked and underrepresented?
  • And while AI can give us a good head start in providing substantive content, it’s lacking the subtle nuance needed to avoid stereotypical blunders, performative insincerity and check-the-box tactics. As marketing professionals keen on achieving inclusive brand success, we need to go the extra mile to understand all audiences from their unique perspectives.

So, go ahead and use AI to your best marketing advantage, but remember to identify areas where technology barriers might arise to create a more inclusive experience for all. Think about striking a balance between leveraging AI’s capabilities while making sure your messages are accessible, relevant and motivating to all audiences. Use AI in tandem with an inclusive brand development approach.

Neka Creative is a full-service brand development agency in Minneapolis, anchored on the promise of inclusion. We help clients get on, stay on and thrive on the road to inclusive brand success. Contact us to learn more.

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