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How inclusive is your brand?

Rosemary Ugboajah, president of Neka Creative, shares thoughts, insights and inspiration for building inclusive brands in the “Schmidt List,” an informative podcast series hosted by Kurt Schmidt. Listen to the podcast here.


After a season of festive surroundings followed by the anticipatory countdown to midnight, the new year is a time to take stock. It’s an opportunity to lean back, dig deep and discover the virtues of new beginnings…once again. “What do you want 2016 to look like?” “What do you hope to accomplish?” “How exactly do you… Read more »

Client Spotlight: Speaking of Inclusivity

Client Spotlight: Speaking of Inclusivity Anyone who’s traveled to a foreign country understands the perspiration-producing vulnerability of language barriers. Am I being understood? Do I get what they’re trying to say? Is my lack of clarity taking us down the proverbial rabbit hole?